Janel: Hot 105

Pratt, Kansas–We arrived in southern Kansas on June 18. It was a hot 105 degrees F the day we moved. We had to travel slower because it was so hot outside. We traveled highways 183 and 281 and a lot of wheat had been cut the whole way up until about the state line area. Here at Pratt the wheat harvest was just getting started. We unloaded and went to the field and our first three loads went 14.0%, 13.2% and 11.4%. We were right on time and have been staying very busy cutting wheat.

With hot and dry conditions we were able to stay in southwest Oklahoma and finally finish up as well as picked up some more work to finish out our last day of cutting in that area. We were offered even more work but thought we should make the move up to the Pratt area to take care of our regular customers there. The wheat has made 30 to 50 bushels per acre so far. The test weights have been 59.0 to 62.2 pounds per bushel. The fields here are dry, which makes the cutting conditions less stressful. We fought a lot of mud in southwest Oklahoma. It was very tough going there.

Summer wheat harvest weather is finally here and we’ve had several consecutive days of high heat and not so much humidity. We’ve been able to cut every day this past week including starting earlier and finishing later each day. We’ve had plenty of heat, sunshine and wind too. Our forecast is hot and dry with a few chances of thunderstorms but hopefully we can just keep rolling along. We’ve got a few combines in northern Oklahoma yet and a few others already moved over north of Dodge City. We all are staying busy and finding dry wheat to cut.

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Sunder, Sage, Sterling and I played a lot of cards at first stop on harvest in southwest Oklahoma. I think Sterling won about every game. (Photo by Carlene Schemper.)

I love being in the field. (Photo by Carlene Schemper.)

My mom sent me this photo saying she was having fun watching me work. I was busy cutting wheat. (Photo by Carlene Schemper.)

In the combine and moving to another field. I love combine time.

The pretty wall painted in Frederick, Oklahoma. Every town should have a wall like this one.

In the field in southwest Oklahoma and it’s time to get some wheat cut.

JC and Jared’s crews were across the road cutting wheat with 5 combines.

They finished the field and were moving to another one. It was fun to watch.

We got loaded up June 17.

We moved up the road on a hot 105 degree day on June 18.

I love this sight. It is a custom cutter’s dream to get to cut wheat like this.

My wheels all loaded up. There are 24 tires on the ground and 6 loaded up. My rig has 30 wheels.

There are 60 wheels just between these two rigs.

Unloaded and going to the field.

Cutting wheat in southern Kansas.

We harvest late at night.

Cutting wheat.

Cutting out a terrace.

Cutting out another terrace.

Miss Maggie Moo is a pro. I call her the boss lady. I wonder how many hours and acres she’s got now? This is her 13th wheat harvest. 

Cutting wheat and finishing up another quarter.

She loves combine time too and the air conditioner on high.

Cutting wheat late at night. So many wind turbines in this area now.

Cutting wheat near Pratt, Kansas.

Harvesting wheat late at night.

I was full and was waiting on the tractor grain cart.

Such a pretty night to cut wheat. I just want to keep on cutting wheat. Summer wheat harvest always just flies by so quickly it seems especially when we are super busy all of the time.

A hot 105 degree day spent traveling caused one blown out tire on a header trailer. Also, Happy Birthday Dad on June 22. We spent the day cutting wheat! Photo by Carlene Schemper. 



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