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Janel: Busy being a wheatie

Western Kansas–I’ve been here in western Kansas for almost a month and am the last cutter in town but that is OK because we have been staying busy in the fields. We ended up staying in western Kansas with two combines while the rest of the crew went north and handled cutting all of our wheat jobs in western Nebraska. They have just finished up there and are making the big move up to north central Montana now with six combines. My dad and I finished up our main wheat job here and gained more work so we’ll just stay here until we run out of wheat to harvest.

The wheat has been yielding over 50 bushels per acre. The test weights are around 55 pounds per bushel now since the wheat has been rained on several times since harvest started. I really enjoy harvesting wheat here because the fields are perfect quarters or half sections and flat. I haven’t had to cut out a ditch or a terrace since I’ve been here. I have always enjoyed harvesting in western Kansas and will gladly stay as long as I have wheat to harvest! I enjoy staying busy being a wheatie!

When we finish up here we will move up to the Dakotas which are my favorite on our wheat harvest run. I’m looking forward to being there but have been hearing reports of lower yields due to the drought going on up north. We will see when we get there and will more than likely be looking for more wheat (and canola) to cut. Our forecast is hot and dry so we should be able to finish up here some time soon and then make the move north to the Dakotas.

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This was July 13th and Sterling rode in the combine with his favorite Aunt Janel. It was his last day to be five. His birthday was the next day so I sang him happy birthday in the combine and he sang along. He is the cutest kiddo ever! He will be running the combine in a few years no doubt in my mind!

Sterling aka birthday boy loves combine time too!

Sterling rode in the combine until we were done with the field.  He said he wouldn’t fall asleep and he actually didn’t!

Harvesting wheat late at night with my dad and Sunder. Three generations running combines in this field. That’s my kind of fun!

We finished the field and moved the combines in the dark to the farm yard.

Check out the moon!  It was late at night and we finished the field and then fueled up the combines.

Fueling up late at night.

I finally got to cut a few fields with my nephew Sunder.  He is running combine full-time this summer and will be an 8th grader next month. 

My mom has been driving truck full-time so she hasn’t had time to bring us supper. Luckily my sister-in-law Tricia has been bringing us supper in the field. That has been super helpful during the long days of harvesting wheat. 

Harvesting wheat and the sun is going down.

Unloading wheat on the truck.

My combine shadow and another full day of harvesting wheat.

It’s awfully dusty without a breeze.

Harvesting wheat and my windows have gotten so dusty during the day.

Getting a few sprinkles on the windows.

Heavy clouds all around here.

These storm clouds make us nervous. We want to get the wheat field done.

Dark blue sky.

It looks like we are going to get rained out.

It’s raining all around us.

Now it looks like we might miss the storm.

The wheat was lodged in some places.  This wheat made 80 bushels per acre. I’m so glad it didn’t get rained on again. 

Uh oh.  More sprinkles on the windows.

I hope it doesn’t rain.  I’ve got wheat to get harvested.

We kept on harvesting wheat.  The storms went around us!

Harvesting a half section of wheat and the storm went around us and now the beautiful sun shines!

This is the best wheat I’ve harvested all season.

A rainbow to the south of us while we got to keep on harvesting!  All we got was a sprinkle.

I love this time of day!  My combine shadow appears and the day is coming to an end!


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