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Laura: Montana

Montana: We have made it to Montana. This will be our northernmost state for our stops this year. As you may have heard, drought is plaguing the northern United States, and we will not be needed in North Dakota this season as a result. Farmers aren’t the only ones affected. Some ranchers are in need of feed and have had to cull their herds. If drought isn’t enough, some of our acres in the area were decimated by a terrible hail storm about a month ago. The air here has been hazy due to wildfires across the state. We are thankful to be cutting at all under the circumstances.

Yields are across the board, but despite the dry conditions, some of the fields, so far, had a strong showing and went 40 to 45 bushels per acre with test weights around 58 to 60. However, one of the most impressive numbers came from the protein. They averaged 13 to 16. Sixteen? That is crazy!

Below are some pictures I took from the cab as well as a few other experiences the kids have had during our travels.

It is a long trip to northern Montana. The guys made the kids’ night when they agreed to play baseball with them in the parking lot at one of our parking spots.

The children learned a lot at this interpretive site.




















































Thankfully Little Man spotted this rattle snake before we entered. The rangers removed the snake and relocated it to a safer spot.

I enjoyed taking a few passes after I dropped off meals one night.

The camera cannot do justice to the slope of these fields.

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