By Dave Bergmeier

The fall harvest is in the bins for a southwest Nebraska producer who readily says when she headed into spring planting she knew it was going to be one with ups and downs.

Tracy Zink is from Indianola near McCook and operates a diversified grain operation. “All in all harvest went smooth. Once it is done you can go back and say that was not so bad.”

Glitches with Mother Nature were some of challenges, she said. Some growers experienced big downpours while her operation mostly had small rains. She tried to watch the forecast and

It has been a while since my last post and after a very long rain delay, we have been pretty busy around here.  After spending seventy-seven days in Westhope they finally made the journey home. Once they got home, they had a couple days to recoup before it got hectic.

It rained on and off for over two weeks around home so that put a little damper on our combining. Once it finally cleared up, we have been going pretty steady for a while. The ladies and I brought campers into the shop and started cleaning them up and

Throughout the harvest season, we face a large array of challenges. Besides the wet weather conditions all over this fall, we have had one other major challenge in the last week that is serious enough to have us park a couple machines, a cart, and some trucks. This challenge is help.

At the beginning of the season, we started out with a well-rounded crew. And many of the awesome individuals who started the year, will finish the year. Yet, sometimes situations arise where we unfortunately either have to let someone go, or circumstances at home call a person back

We all finally got going after a little over a week-long delay. The fields are a little muddy but we have gotten use to that in years past. The two combines that were in Esmond, North Dakota, finished and moved home. We stopped at a neighbor’s field and cut 50 acres for him since he was on our way home.

There is one combine left in the Jamestown area cutting beans and the other three that were there have finished their jobs. Two of them were brought home to run on the beans around here. We finally got to

This fall is turning out to be a very wet one. Wednesday dropped an inch of rain around home, and not quite as much by Fulda, Minnesota, and Hartley, Iowa. Out in South Dakota, the rain parked our crews by Roscoe and Elkton. I think we will hopefully have everyone up and going again today, but it will be short lived. There’s more rain forecast for Wednesday. Sounds like it could be a pretty big rain that will wash us out with the possibility of two inches. I really hope that doesn’t happen.

Before all this rain, we were moving

Three years ago, we had a huge snow storm come through our area and dropped 30 inches of snow and a month prior we ended up with about 13 inches of rain in a 24-hour time period. Since it never really had a chance to freeze it made the field conditions very muddy. That was the year we combined every month, except January, from when we left for Texas in May until we left for Texas the following May. Thankfully that is not the case this year. There has not been a chance of snow in our forecast yet