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Janel: Just finished harvest 2023

Holdrege, Nebraska—Thanksgiving is in three days and we just finished harvest 2023. All four of our crews finished up at nearly the same time and traveled back home to Holdrege. My crew was in central Nebraska harvesting high yielding corn. Just as soon as we finished we started moving the equipment, trucks and campers back home. It feels great to finish before the holidays. We’ve got the equipment and trucks washed and the crew sent home already. We were blessed to have a full crew that stayed with us the entire harvest season. I hope each one learned a lot and we will see a few return next season.

You’d think that things would slow down for me now that harvest is finished but I stay plenty busy in the harvest off-season. On my priority to-do list right now is settling up with farmers. I’ve also got cornstalk bales to haul and then grain to get moved. I’m also a CDL tester and have several on my waiting list. My busy schedule continues.

Today it’s cloudy, foggy and lightly drizzling. I’m so glad we finished, got everything cleaned up and parked. Thanks to all the farmers and harvesters that keep the world fed. I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving on Nov. 23.

Janel Schemper can be reached at janel@allaboardharvest.com.

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Picking corn Nov. 14. It was a beautiful day.
I love fall harvest especially when we have beautiful weather.
Finally picking dry corn. It’s now in the 15s.
Such beautiful scenery in central Nebraska. I love it here.
One of the most beautiful sunsets ever on Nov. 14.
I love this time of day.
Early morning sunrise on Nov. 16.
Such a beautiful early morning sky while we wait in the elevator line. They open at 7 a.m. and I’m first in line this time.
The most beautiful sky almost looks unreal because it’s so pretty.
Truck drivers greasing their clutch and throwout bearing. Definitely needs to be done weekly.
Unloading corn on Nov. 16.
Picking corn the evening of Nov. 16.
I love this.
To my surprise I got rained out one evening.
Unloading corn Nov. 17.
I can’t ever get enough combine time. I absolutely love this.
I love my MacDon C3012.
I love being in the field especially when the weather is so beautiful just like this.
Wild turkeys.
My last sandwich of the season. I’ve definitely made over a million or two or three of these.
The last 12 rows and beautiful weather to get it done.
I got my header off and I’m going to town. All done picking.
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