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Christy: 2023 is in the books

Worthington, Minnesota—The last bushels were recovered yesterday. Final loads for Gary’s harvest are getting in the bins, and we can now say we are done. It is an excellent feeling. Crew will be taking off bit by bit here soon, but we plan to have one last meal together tonight.

Patrick and Zoey running the auger at the home farm bin getting the last loads entered.

I’ll back up a bit and want to give a great big thank you to Titan Machinery in Worthington. They brought an excellent meal to the shop last Tuesday to help celebrate a great harvest season. Our whole crew came out. Some who were here already, and also those in Roscoe, South Dakota, where we were currently finishing up. It was an awesome night.

Titan catered Jon-E-1’s Barbecue and it was the best I think I’ve ever had.
It was a great turn-out. Another big thanks to our Case IH dealership, Titan Machinery.

Right now we are still working on field work for Paul, and we’ll still need crew around to bring everything home and clean everything up. Campers should be arriving to the shop here in just a little while, and some of the equipment. We’ll be making more trips in the coming days to get everything back.

This harvest is one for the books, and one I won’t forget anytime soon. We’ve had our ups and downs, but in the end I believe we’ve had one of the best crews. Our guys are who makes it all happen.

This coming week is Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for, and so many wonderful memories for years to come. I hope everyone has had a very blessed harvest, and a very happy Thanksgiving.

Christy Paplow can be reached at christy@allaboarharvest.com.

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