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Kimberly: A very hectic week, part 2

Since my last post it has been a hectic couple of weeks around here. There was a little mix up with my article so it will be a little out of order but you will get it figured out. So, let me try to remember all that has happened so you can follow along and see just how crazy and chaotic this life can get.

We have moved combines from one place to another and cut many acres of beans in between. We had a short rain delay but once we got back in the field, we were busy. Mychal and the two combines he had around Bowdon started on our own beans and moved all over the area and end back near the farm. In the midst of a week and a half, Mychal had cut for 12 different farmers in the Bowdon, Fessenden, Hurdsfield area. Mychal ran two machines for roughly a week before two more joined him from Westhope. So, for 4 days we had four machines running in our area.

Once we moved to our last farmer in the area the forecast was calling for snow, yes, I said snow. We had finished the field and the skies started to turn dark blue. They made the decision to put those four in the shed and see what the weather was going to do.

Just as we parked it started to rain. The two combines that were in Kensal, North Dakota, are now in Finely, North Dakota, cutting beans. They only cut for two days before we got rain and snow so they have been shut down as well.

Roger still has one machine in Lemmon, South Dakota, and tested the corn but the moisture was too high so him and his crew came home to help with the harvest and other trucking opportunities around home. They too got the rain and snow and are not rolling yet.

Westhope, well let’s say they got the worst of the snow. The weather was starting to get cold so we were starting to get campers winterized and stacking haybales around Cole’s to keep them from freezing but that lasted two days. They decided to bring all the campers and crew home until they could start to pick corn again. The crew made it back saying they had received 10 inches at that moment but it was still snowing. They did get beans done and jumped into corn right away but are now back at the shop.

Moving to the next bean field.

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