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Have you ever thought about all of the hands it takes to get a slice of bread from the field to your table? The first stages of the process of planting and developing wheat are long and tedious, but the months waiting for the plant to ripen in the summer lead up to a big pay off when the time comes to bring the combines to the field. To many in the agriculture industry, wheat harvest is like the super bowl of the grain farmer’s world, so High Plains Journal had the idea to spotlight this annual event for the publication’s audience.

High Plains Journal launched All Aboard Wheat Harvest in 2008 to give readers an up-close look at the lives and experiences of custom harvesters across the wheat belt and tells the story of harvest through the families devoted to cutting grain in the heartland of America. Our correspondents’ blog about the people they meet across the harvest trail, crop conditions and challenges they face, while capturing photos and videos of beautiful, golden wheat fields.

From Texas to the Dakotas, our crews provide you with a buddy-seat view from the comfort of your home. Whether it’s unloading grain at the local elevator, a machinery repair visit from the local implement dealership or sharing their favorite in-field meal, you’ll feel as if you’re on the actual harvest run.

Due to the popularity of AAWH, in 2021 HPJ extended the popular program to All Aboard Fall Harvest and continues with correspondent coverage for sorghum, corn, soybeans and cotton.

HPJ shares this coverage on multiple platforms for all readers and it receives global attention each year. Our audience can keep up with coverage in HPJ newsprint and the digital edition, view live videos on our social channels and read the daily reports on the blog. Followers can also participate in the program through our weekly giveaways and annual photo contest. To learn more about HPJ’s All Aboard Harvest programs, we invite you to visit www.allaboardharvest.com and follow along with our coverage.

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