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The story the American wheat harvest is best described by those who cut it.


For the past 10 years High Plains Journal’s All Aboard Wheat Harvest has told the story of harvest in America’s breadbasket through the eyes and ears of families devoted to cutting grain through the heartland. Correspondents have penned 1,293 blog posts of people they come into contact with across nine states while capturing the pictures of a record harvest, a beautiful sunset, a lightning storm to provide backlit fireworks for a newborn fawn leaping to find it’s mother.


Over the decade the readers, whether in print or online, love All Aboard Wheat Harvest as reflected by more than 2 million page views and a following in 128 counties. Like today’s modern harvester who relies on the newest technology, the Journal’s digital edition as a combine cam that allows web users to have a real-time view of harvest.


No harvest is the same and the beginning of each harvest run brings a sense of adventure that allows correspondents and followers to share in a truly Americana experience.


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