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Christy Paplow



Christy Paplow joined Paplow Harvesting & Trucking in 2010 after meeting and dating her husband, Paul Paplow. Twelve years later, Christy and Paul are married with one daughter, Zoey, and work side by side with Paul’s father, Gary, and mother, Rhonada, in their 30-year-old harvest business. When speaking to her experience on the harvest Christy says, “I have learned so much over the last decade, especially since I didn’t know much to begin with, but I feel that there’s still so much to learn.”


“I think my love for life over the road stems from my upbringing.” Christy’s parents belonged to a motorhoming club that traveled four times a year all over the Southeast to motorhome rallies. Christy says, “We were very lucky growing up to travel all over and meet wonderful people from many different places and backgrounds.” 


That love of travel and meeting new people fits well with Christy’s way of life now as a harvester. She enjoys cooking for their crew, keeping campers tidy, staying on top of paperwork, and building relationships with all the farmers they service. 


As a second year contributor to All Aboard Wheat Harvest, Christy will share all the ups and downs her crew experiences over the harvest season. “Some days are uneventful, smooth running days, while others make you wonder why you do it!”