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Sherry Zimmerman – Zimmerman Farms

Sherry Zimmerman is from Bishop, TX. She graduated from Texas A&M University in Kingsville, TX with her BBA, majored in Accounting and minored in Finance. She also volunteers her time as a board member for the local water board authority. She did not grow up on a farm or on a harvesting crew. However, she fell in love with the lifestyle pretty quickly and can’t imagine her life without it.


Sherry and her husband Brian Zimmerman (4th generation farmer and harvester) own and operate Zimmerman Farms. Zimmerman Farms was established in 1995. She has been farming and harvesting with her husband for over 20 years. They assist with farming and harvesting a few thousand acres in their hometown. The farm grows milo and cotton, and sometimes sunflowers or corn.


The couple, has four children: Wailynn and Wyatt are 15 year old identical twins, Wesson is 13, and Whitleigh is 10. They are all homeschooled, so they participate in the business daily. They drive and fix equipment, all year long.


Sherry and Brian, along with their children, and a select harvest crew begin their harvest mid-May in West Texas harvesting wheat, then move into Oklahoma to harvest wheat and rye. In early July, they head south, back to Bishop, TX to harvest milo and cotton. They also, travel throughout the entire state of Texas harvesting milo, corn and cotton. They own two combines, four cotton pickers, several trucks and trailers, along with everything in between to operate during harvest.


During the off season she and her family enjoy spending time skiing the slopes in Breckenridge, CO, camping at lakes and hiking, or fishing in the saltwater off the coast of Texas.


Sherry and Brian are excited to share this fall harvest with y’all!