Jada: That grey area . . . . to cut or not to cut

On the move

Moving combine to test yet another field…. How frustrating!

Harvest isn’t always black and white. There are those grey days where you are out testing fields and not really able to harvest. This is the most frustrating part of harvest. It would be nice if we were either cutting or rained out. Unfortunately, if it rains, it doesn’t always mean we are indefinitely unable to cut. This is where we start playing the waiting game.

Yesterday, we tested around 6 different fields. The reason for trying so many is because the stage of weed growth when a field is sprayed affects the moisture. Since we don’t know the answer to this in the fields we need to cut, we tested the sprayed fields to determine which field is our best bet to cut.

It was a hurry up and wait day because we thought we could go any minute. Unfortunately, the moisture just wasn’t low enough- it ranged from 14 to 20. We are crossing our fingers and hoping today is the day to cut!


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