Jenna: Still No Cutting

Well, not a lot has been happening the past couple of days. We arrived in Seiling late Sunday morning and still haven’t been able to cut because the wheat is too green.

Yesterday, Dad went to the farm for a few hours and greased the combine and worked on stuff.  To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what us girls did all day…we just kind of hung out, I guess. It was a very cool and pleasant day (not very good for wheat-ripening though), so we spent a lot of time outside and ended up meeting our neighbors. To our right is a guy who works on a power-line construction crew and to our left is a guy who works in the oil fields. We’ve got quite a mixture of professions here in our little camp.

Relaxing in Seiling, Okla.
The fam. hanging out…waiting for wheat to dry!

This morning Dad took the semi to Elk City, which is about 70 miles southwest, to have some work done on it.  The rest of us went down a few hours later to pick him up, grab some lunch and hit up Wal-Mart for a few essentials. We’ll have to go back tomorrow to pick up the semi.

We were hoping to have time to stop by and visit our friends, the Krumbachs, who are harvesting in Sentinel, which is only another 30ish (?) miles from Elk City, but it was decided that we needed to come back and cut a sample.  So that’s what we did, and the wheat was still too green to cut. Bummer. And double bummer for missing out on seeing the K family!

Tonight we’re making shish-kabobs and hoping the rain stays away!

Clouds in Seiling

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