Jada: Waiting on wet wheat

Hoffman Harvesting wrapped up on harvesting in Olney. On the 10th we settled up with our customers and loaded up. Then on the 11th, my dad, Carin and I went up the road ahead of the crew to see if there was anything to be harvested as our job isn’t quite ready in Kiowa. Unfortunately it seems that we – like most harvesters- are going to be sitting and waiting on wet wheat for a couple more days!

Right now we are at Altus Lake camping. We had a day of boating with our friends from Thurman Harvesting and Sugden Harvesting. Then yesterday when we thought we would move up to Kiowa it rained almost 2 inches. As a result to the lack of wheat to cut, we are acting like normal campers…. It is kind of fun to grill out and sit on floaties on the lake and relax. However, waiting out the “go time” makes for a little bit of stress despite our relaxing atmosphere. It looks like we have a chance for our next two stops to be ready about the same time. We are going to be really busy when the wheat is ready to cut.

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