All Aboard Harvest | Jenna: Good cutting, but broken truck
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Jenna: Good cutting, but broken truck

Yesterday and today were good cutting days. We’re no longer fighting green wheat and the weather has been hot and dry, so we’ve finally been able to really “go.” We’ve cut about 285 acres the past two days, which is pretty good for one machine, especially in terraced fields.

Last night, though, our grain truck broke down. A spring on the drive axel, which helps carry the load and keep the axels in line, broke. Dad was able to drive it to a repair shop in Elk City, Okla., which is about 70 miles away. I drove down there to pick him up so Mom could keep cutting. We didn’t get back to Seiling until around 2 a.m., but Dad and I did have a nice little chat about politics and combines on the way home.

Our air conditioner in the front of the trailer-house is still broken, too. Needless to say, it’s been a little toasty during the past 100 plus degree days.

We have about two days left of cutting here in Seiling. That is, “if nothing happens,” as Dad always says.

Supper in the field
Callie, Taylor, Dad and Mom eating supper in the field.

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  • Grandma Kay Wolfenden
    Posted at 15:59h, 18 June

    Broke down, did you get any stimulus money to fix it? Talked politics & combines,

    huh? Remember all you need to do is not pay your taxes and you will get a cabinet

    position. Ha I am no longer a democrat or a republican so I feel I can speaK freely.

    Grandma Kay

  • JO
    Posted at 02:06h, 19 June

    TZ you look like you are getting to much sun! Your face is getting red, where is the sun screen? Nice shirt Jim, where did you get it? Working on Mo to fly to Colorado Springs in july to catch you guys and that Braathen guy. She thinks I am crazy like usual. I check the Blog daily, I love it!

  • Jenna
    Posted at 03:57h, 21 June

    Grandma Kay: Hahaha!! No…we didn’t get any stimulus money. :]
    JO: All those initials and nicknames, it’s like you’re speaking in code! I had to ask mom who you are! Haha. But yes, Mom got a sunburn…and a lecture from me about it. And Dad’s shirt is awesome! Thanks for checking the blog!

  • Your mom
    Posted at 04:37h, 21 June

    And JO – we would love to have you come visit us in Colorado!!!!!!! We’d even be able to put you two up for a night or two – if you dare!!!!! Flights come in real good in Denver too 🙂