Jenna: June 18th = Long day

I’m going to be honest…today was not the best day.

We had a small problem with the combine first thing this morning, so Mom and I went to Fairview to pick up a part. After we got back and Dad got the combine running, he and I went to Elk City to get the grain truck that had been in the repair shop. As Dad was driving the truck out of the shop, he realized something had been done incorrectly and needed fixed. These repairs took up the rest of the afternoon and we didn’t get back to the field until about 6 p.m. A couple of hours later, we ran into a problem with the combine header. Last I knew, it sounded like there was a good chance that it’ll work after some repairs, but the part we need to really fix it won’t be here until Saturday.

Don’t get the impression that we’re broken down a lot, because it’s actually quite the opposite. My parents do everything in their power to prevent breakdowns and we rarely have problems. Things just happen sometimes. That is just part of harvest.

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