Jada: Happy Fourth of July!

Crew celebrating the 4th

Happy Fourth of July from our family to yours! We received rain last night that halted the barely began Colby, Kan. harvest. As a result we celebrated at noon by grilling out. Pictured clockwise: Jozua, Carin, Candice, Henrry, Robert, Roly, Euan, Leon, Mark, Perry, Jada, and Charles.

We went out to test wheat at 5 p.m. and did some harvesting until 8:30 p.m. Now we plan to cookout and watch the fireworks from the fairgrounds (our campground) which actually is right next to the race track where the city will be putting them off.

The only time we get to celebrate the 4th of July is if it is raining. Everyone is excited to have the day off.


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