Jada: Birthday Surprises

On July 29th, Leon and Carin took me to Denver, Colo., to celebrate my birthday. We went out to eat and had an enjoyable day. When we got back late that evening, we had this beautifully decorated cake sitting in our camper’s kitchen. The mystery cake had me guessing who it came from for a short while, but I soon found it came from the Zeorians. Last night we headed to the Zs to eat my delicious cake that was baked and decorated especially for me by Callie, the youngest Z. Does she have a future as a baker?! I think she could!  Thanks for thinking of me, you guys are the best!

Birthday cake

Me with my cake designed by Callie! YUMMY!

Birthday flowers

Mark, Jada holding her birthday flowers, Euan holding Malibu and Robert.

I am getting to the age where if people forget my birthday, and I am completely fine with it. However, the cake and to top it off, flowers from the Scot’s-Mark, Euan and Robert-had me thinking I was glad people did remember my birthday. Thanks for the beautiful roses! Family fun, cake and flowers … who could ask for more?! I guess I am spoiled 🙂

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