Sage: It’s getting hot in here!

Holliday, Texas-Whoa! It has been some kind of hot in Texas these last couple days.  We saw temperatures reach the triple digits today and yesterday.  With the heat comes the risk of a field fire, and sadly we got to see one from a distance.

It was about a mile away and it ran wild.  A catalytic converter from a gas pickup supposedly started the fire, and 30 mile-per-hour winds spread the fire five to 10 miles away from its origin.  Everyone was safe, but it is sad to see a fire take out some good wheat.

After seeing the fire, we went over, again, our fire procedure and took extra precautions.  I have been involved in a few fires, and they are not fun.  Actually my very first day of custom harvesting six years ago, we had a field fire.  I knew then if I could handle that, I could handle anything.

As for the cutting, we have been busting our butts.  We finished the job my dad picked up and were possibly looking at the afternoon off.  But luckily another neighbor needed his wheat cut and we just moved to the next field over.  It has been very smooth cutting and the yields have been running just over the average in this area, which is about 40 bushels per acre.  The moisture levels have been low on the fields we have been cutting, just over 10 percent.

We are looking to finish up here in Holliday either tomorrow or the next day.  From here we are traveling to Floydada, Texas.  We going to be pretty busy the next couple days. So the next time you will hear from me I hope we are whacking wheat in Floydada.

In the field
One of our combines is busy cutting wheat in the heat.

Cleaning the mirrors
Wally carefully cleans his mirror before moving to another field.

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