Wet weather returns

Wet weather returned across much of the wheat belt this past week, but hot, dry and windy weather is forecasted through much of this week. The hot weather will be welcomed as parts of Texas, Oklahoma and southern Kansas look to dry out as harvest efforts continue.

Texas – Last week most of the Lone Star State received at least some rain, while specific areas had up to five inches of precipitation. In the Northern High Plains wheat harvest has begun, but in a limited number of fields. Overall, the wheat condition still rates mostly fair to good.

Oklahoma – Flash flooding was a problem in central Oklahoma at the beginning of last week, as Oklahoma City reported over seven inches of rainfall. Despite the rain, flood damage to crops remained light. The west central and Panhandle regions were the only regions receiving less than an inch of rain, keeping harvest moving along. Harvest is 53 percent complete, behind last year at this time.

Kansas – Northeast Kansas was soaked, while western Kansas continued to work on drying out. Temperatures reached above 100 degrees in far southwest Kansas, and 90s in the west. Ninety-four percent of winter wheat has turned color, and 58 percent is mature. Just 10 percent of the state’s crop has been harvested. The crop condition still rates fair to good across the board.

Nebraska – Low-lying areas in eastern Nebraska experienced some flooding, while hail and wind damage was also reported in isolated areas. Wheat across the state rated fair to good, and is 96 percent headed. Twenty-eight percent of wheat has turned color, mostly in the southeast district. Nine percent of wheat is considered ripe, slightly behind last year and the five-year average.

Colorado – Winter wheat is 99-percent headed across Colorado, with 41 percent turning color and four percent ripe–well behind the five-year average of 19 percent ripe at this time. Warmer temperatures progressed the crop, but it still remains about a week behind the typical pace. Wheat is still rated mostly good. Sprint wheat is 35-percent headed, with four percent turning color. Spring wheat is rated fair to good.

Wyoming – All small grains are making progress. Most are reported in the headed stage, and look to be on schedule compared to typical years.

Missouri – Winter wheat is 93-percent complete, up 14 points from last week. The crop still seems to be about four days behind a typical year. Harvest is considered 43-percent complete across the state, and 88-percent completed in the Bootheel due to dry conditions allowing harvest to progress rapidly. The wheat crop is still rated 23-percent poor, 32-percent fair and 30-percent good.

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