Jada: Wrapped up in Pratt and sick again!?!

Hoffman Harvesting wrapped up in Pratt on Tuesday night. On Wednesday, the crew washed and loaded equipment while Kaidence, Malin and I went to get the new washer and dryer for our crew trailer in Wichita. Our old one broke down when we were in Kiowa. It was repaired but the next time someone used the washer, the moter blew. Everyone was stuck doing laundry in at the laundromat until the new one came in.

The harvest in Pratt went a lot quicker than anticipated and our job in Colby, Kan isn’t going to be ready until around the 4th of July so we were stuck looking for work. To our excitement, we found work in Scott City and had plans to move on Thursday. That morning we woke up to find that Hans and Gabriel were sick with the flu! It sounds like the one some of us had earlier this summer. I cannot believe how many people have been sick on our crew this year. 

Since we needed to be in Scott City by noon to keep the job everyone but the sick guys, Callum and I headed out. I was stuck trying to play nurse. I got Hans and Gabriel a room at the Days Inn and stocked it up with all the things they needed to get better ….. medicine, water, sports drinks, chicken noodle soup and bananas. Meanwhile Callum was back at the campground getting the campers loaded. A truck pulling trailers and a truck loaded with a combine were left behind for the sick guys to drive when they got better. We felt bad leaving them but knew they were in the best place they could be….. also away from the rest of the group so they didn’t get sick. Also, Callum and I had to leave so everyone else had a place to sleep for the night. We left Pratt at around noon and got to Scott City in time to unload the campers, get supper and head out to the field.

Yesterday, Hans and Gabriel felt a little better and headed up to Scott City. Gabriel is feeling better today but Hans is still on the mend. We have been a little short handed with crops averaging around 70-80 bu/ acre, Callum installing the new W&D yesterday and the other two being sick. What can you do but make it work, right?! Below are pictures of our last harvest day in Pratt.

Grain cart

The combine operators dump on the grain cart before moving to another field. 

Night sky
Above and Below: I snap a quick photo from the pickup. What a beautiful sky. The pictures don’t do it justice! 

Night sky

Night sky

 Above and below: Cutting at dusk can be so beautiful but it also is hard for the operator to see. It isn’t quite dark enough for the lights to work.

Night sky

Night sky

Despite being too quick, the Pratt, Kan. area farmers cannot be dissapointed with the wonderful crop they had this year. 

Jada can be reached at Jada@allaboardharvest.com. All Aboard 2010 Wheat Harvest is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.

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