Jada: Finally cutting again!

After sitting waiting on wheat that was just not quite dry enough and spending days testing without being able to cut, Hoffman Harvesting was back in the field yesterday in the late afternoon. Unfortunately, weather reports made our return to the field look like it wouldn’t last too long. We are split two ways when we are harvesting in Goodland. Three of our combines harvest in Kanarado and the fourth combine cuts in Goodland with the farmer. Malin and Hans are working with the farmer and were able to cut but soon were rained out. Luckily we narrowly missed rain in Kanarado. What essentially happened was one storm went North of us while another went South of us. Storm clouds loomed above us but we never received rain.

Since we had high yields and a long trip to the farmer’s bins, two combines were keeping 6 of our trucks running to and from the field. Malin and Hans rejoined our team and were put to work driving trucks to help make sure the combines didn’t have to park and wait for an empty truck. We were able to put in a pretty decent day and today will be able to finally get a full day of cutting in.

Below are pictures of the storm looming above us.


A storm cloud sets above the field.


Cutting while the storm looms.


Is the storm going to pass?


Gabriel cutting while the grain cart gets dumped on in the background.


Sunset at Kanorado, Kan.

Jada Bulgin can be reached at jada@allaboardharvest.com. All Aboard Harvest 2010 is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.

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