Jada:Did I mention there is rarely a dull moment during harvest?

Hoffman Harvesting packed up and got ready to leave Pratt this morning after a rather interesting night of bad weather. We woke up to find hail damage on our campers and the vehicles that pull them.  It sounds like our farmer Ross  also sustained some hail damage on some of his corn fields. I am sad to hear it but even more glad we were able to get his wheat crop in before the hail hit.

After discovering the hail hit our homes, we headed to the location where we parked our equipment. We were glad to see we didn’t have any hail damage but soon found another problem….. some of our loaded equipment got stuck. Rain was not forecasted for our area and the stuck equipment wasn’t parked where it should have been. We had to unload our graincart to pull out two trucks. What a mess it left! I bet the crew learned a lesson…. We fixed the ground to the best of our capabilities and headed out of town.

Much to our dismay, we soon discovered there was a bike race… headed down the same path we were taking. Wide loads, narrow roads and bicyclists made our trip more challenging then it normally would have been. Doesn’t our day sound like a game of farmopoly?  Anyone play that? These are all scenarios that would happen in the game if there was a harvest version.

We were happy to park in Dighton…. A happy ending to an eventful day. I know I said we were heading to Scott City in a previous post…. We decided to park in Dighton. Did I mention that there is rarely a dull day on harvest? We can’t even keep up with some of the changes. Here are photos of our recent adventures.

We had to unload the graincart to pull out the service truck
Due to unforecasted rains, we had to unload the graincart to pull out the service truck and a truck with a train on it. Proof that where you park matters with this heavy equipment.

Oh no! Unexpected rain has us stuck.
Johan hooks the truck up to a rope we normally use to pull out stuck combines.

The double header trailer and the service truck got stuck.
The double header trailer is finally getting pulled out.

Several bicyclists made our move a little more challenging.
Several bicyclists made our move to Dighton a little more challenging.

Parked at Dighton.
Finally here! A picture of some of our machinery parked in Dighton.

What I am digging today……….. Pratt’s new John Deere location. The pictures speak for themselves…..it’s a beautiful location/ site. I am glad they could expand for their needs.

BTI Pratt new location.
The entrance to BTI Pratt’s new location.

BTI Pratt entrance.
Last year at this time they were just breaking ground to build.

Inside BTI Pratt showroom.
Inside BTI Pratt showroom.

BTI Pratt's part room.
Just a little peek into BTI Pratt’s part room.

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