Hot, dry weather continues for wheat states

While the dry weather has allowed progress in harvest activities in some areas, the hot and dry conditions have severely hurt some the wheat crops.  Below are crop conditions for selected states provided by the USDA.

Texas Dry-land winter wheat harvest near completion in areas of the Plains while irrigated winter wheat harvest is in full swing. Wheat harvest in areas of the Blacklands has seen good progress and is near completion.  The Texas wheat crop has been rated: 54 percent very poor, 23 percent poor, 14 percent fair, nine percent good and zero percent excellent.

Oklahoma Harvesting activities continued due to the hot, dry weather. Wheat harvest saw an eight point increase in completion since last week and is now 91 percent complete. Twenty-one percent of ground has been plowed.

Kansas Last week’s wet weather slowed down wheat harvest as 16 percent of Kansas’ wheat crop was harvested. Northwest Kansas wheat has been slow to mature, with only 2 percent having reached maturity. Statewide, 58 percent of the wheat crop has matured. The Kansas wheat crop has been rated: 23 percent very poor, 27 percent poor, 30 percent fair, 18 percent good and two percent excellent.

Colorado Ninety-eight percent of winter wheat in Colorado has headed, with 35 percent turned color. Spring wheat was 14 percent headed. The Colorado winter wheat crop has been rated: nine percent very poor, 14 percent poor, 39 percent fair, 33 percent good and five percent excellent.

South Dakota While warmer weather allowed growth progress in winter wheat, its current status of 68 percent headed is significantly behind last year’s status of 89 percent headed at this time. The South Dakota winter wheat crop is rated: zero percent very poor, two percent poor, 13 percent fair, 60 percent good and 25 percent excellent.




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