Jada: Harvesters get amped up to harvest in Dighton

Harvesters in Dighton are getting ready to cut. This morning the Dighton fairgrounds look like a used machinery lot, but soon everything will be gone. They will be in the field’s cutting- or so they hope.

Unfortunately, we do not have a job here so we are quiet observers of the bustling activities. Per the crew’s suggestion, here is a grandstand view of what it looks like when wheaties come to town. No, the fair isn’t going on, harvesters have filled it up.

Since our next job is not ready, we sent the crew off to the mountains. While Leon thought I was taking mug shots of them in case they got lost, I was actually interviewing some of them and will be sharing information about the crew these next couple of days. They are a fun bunch- I hope you enjoy!

An eagles view of some of our machinery.
An eagles view of some of our machinery.

No, it isn't time for the fair. T
No, it isn’t time for the fair. The campground is full with harvesters.

A granstand view of the fairgrounds.
A grandstand view of the fairgrounds.

Another granstand view with some of our machinery in the photo.
Another grandstand view of the fairgrounds.

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