Jada: Meet Callum a crew member of Hoffman Harvesting

Callum Smart

On his second harvest tour with Hoffman Harvesting, this 22 year-old from Aberdeen, Scotland has quickly become an asset to our operation. While he sometimes runs the truck, his main duties are running combine and pulling the crew trailer when we move. The crew trailer is arguably the hardest thing in our operation to move. I like having him pull the crew trailer because this guy can back! We are very particular about how we park our campers. They have to be parked straight and put together neatly- it’s all about presentation and Callum understands this!

He first decided to go on harvest because he wanted to operate the large machinery and drive trucks. In addition, he wanted to see the states. He says harvest is a good way to see the states and be able to fund your travels. What is one of the most enjoyable things about harvest to Callum is being in a combine and knowing there is a lot of work to be done. He also thinks moving down the road in a convoy is cool.

A favorite harvest memory of his is harvesting beans in North Dakota. He especially liked this as some of the landscape was similar to home. Agriculture is different to his home in that everything is bigger and vaster here. He also says the rules don’t seem to be as strict here as at home. Being away from home makes Callum miss his mother’s cooking and his family and friends.  If we were to visit Callum, he we give us a tour of his family farm, show us how he makes his living and give us a tour of the many great sites.

Callum encourages others to try out harvest. He says he would recommend it to any young person. One reason he enjoys working for Hoffman Harvesting is because he can also experience the farming/ ranching side of the business which he also enjoys. He feels lucky to be able to experience all types of agriculture in the states.

Fun fact: Callum makes his living as a carpenter back home. Last year, he helped reside the house the crew lives in while working close to home.

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