Megan: Playing the waiting game

We ran into some green wheat at the beginning of this past weekend and unfortunately we’re still waiting on some of it to turn. Most of the fields are ripe but there are a fair amount of green kernels still scattered throughout the fields. We tried to patch out the field to mix the grain but the moisture was too high to continue cutting. Sunday morning it was cloudy and extremely humid all day so we fueled up everything and worked on some general maintenance. Waiting is always tough for any harvester to deal with but we’re hoping to get started up again today.

Wheat comparison

This is a perfect sample of what our wheat fields are made up of at the moment. On the left is a ripe head of wheat and on the right is a green head of wheat. As of yesterday, the green wheat was winning and caused the moisture to spike up too high for us to continue harvesting.

Brandon fueling

Brandon fuels up his combine as we wait to sample the field again.

Crew fixing seat

It was a team effort to install a new seat into the tractor. Brandon, James, Jason, and Dad work on putting it together in the shade of the grain cart. With the humidity the local news reported that it felt like 105 degrees yesterday.

Dad in cab

Dad works on updating the computer software in his CR.

Blast to the Past – Today’s Flashback:

Flashback: Fuel in 2001

May 2001: Part of the crew fuels up in Alliance, Nebraska before heading south for the harvest run. In case you cannot see the sign it says $1.72 per gallon for on-road diesel. Ten years later and this summer we have seen on-road diesel prices range from $3.80 to $4.10 per gallon.

Megan Roland is the newest member of All Aboard. She can be reached at All Aboard 2011 is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.

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