Jada: Meet Andreas (Moses) a crew member of Hoffman Harvesting

Andreas (Moses)

Hailing from Sweden, Andreas (Moses) Norling is a 21 year-old joining us on his first harvest. His main duties are taking turns between driving truck and running combine but he is also in charge of overseeing anything that needs to be immaculate- this would include management of wheel shining.

Andreas decided to work overseas because his dad did it 26 years ago. He also wanted to see the world so he thought why not?! Coming from working on his parent’s farm, Andreas especially enjoys seeing all the different farms, meeting new people and getting to go to so many different places. His favorite memory so far this harvest is when Andrew, Callum and Oak- the Scottish guys- wore their kilts to a bar.

Andreas says that farming is much bigger here than in Sweden. Custom harvesting through the country doesn’t exist where he comes from so this has been an all new experience for him. He also says the weather is “insane” here. Which I agree has been this summer!

At home, Andreas helps his family with raising cattle. He says there are several rules about owning cattle that make it difficult to own a large herd. For instance, raising open range cattle is illegal. There must be a barn big enough to hold the whole herd. In addition, there are strict rules for maintaining cleanliness of the barn.

What Andreas misses most about home is his family, friends and car. He also misses the sea, his farm and of course, all the cute girls! If we came to see Andreas in Sweden, he would BBQ with us, take us swimming and out on the town for a night of dancing. He would also take us sightseeing.

Fun Fact: Andreas speaks English as a second language. It’s hard to tell because his accent fits in so well here. He says when he first got here he had to really think about what he wanted to say, but that hasn’t held him back. He says he’s enjoying his journey in America and is living each day with no regrets.

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