Jenna: Photos from Deerfield, Kan.

Photos from Friday, July 1st.

Checking the oil.
Getting ready to start the day. Dad checking the oil in the combine.

Time to get to work.
Time to get to work.

View from combine cab.
View from the combine cab.

View from cab.
In this field, there were areas that made up to 110 bushels per acre.

“Look, Ma! No hands!” My first time running the New Holland. Also my first time using auto steer. Easy peasy.

Deerfield, Kan., wheat field.

Beautiful, part 2.

Beautiful, part 3.

TIme to unload.
Time to unload.

Unloading in semi.
Unloading into the semi.

Chaff in hair.
A 115 degree day and wheat chaff all over. I missed that! What? Yes, it’s true.

Mom waiting in truck.
Mom waiting for her truck to be filled.

Wolf grain elevator - Deerfield, Kan.
Unloading the truck at the Wolf grain elevator, near Deerfield.

Unloading at elevator.
Things get a little dusty around there.

Mom running combine.
Mom now running combine. Confused? Mom and Dad switch combine/truck driving duties, especially on hot days. Isn’t that nice.

Cutting in Deerfield, Kan.
Can I just keep captioning these photos as “beautiful”? Please?

Cutting in Deerfield, Kan.
Yep, beautiful.

Cutting in Deerfield, Kan.
Isn’t this beautiful?

Ok, ok…I’m done! :]

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