Wheat harvest is moving north

Winter wheat harvest has wrapped up in Texas and is nearing completion in the rest of the Southern states. Harvest is now in full swing in Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska and South Dakota. Below are the crop reports for selected states as provided by the USDA for the week of July 18.

Missouri: While only two percent of the total Missouri wheat crop is unharvested, the same as last year and the five-year average, the Northwest part of the state still has 18 percent of the crop left to harvest. The progress and condition of the crop has been negatively impacted across the state due to hot, dry weather.

Colorado: Colorado winter wheat is now 82 percent ripe and 53 percent harvested. Hail has damaged crops in the eastern regions of the state and resulted in the crop being rated in mostly good to fair condition.

Nebraska: The Nebraska wheat crop is 75 percent ripe, which is ahead of last year’s 69 percent for this time and behind the average of 86 percent. Wheat harvest is 28 percent completed, behind 41 percent at this time last year and 11 days behind the average of 60 percent.

South Dakota: While a week of good weather promoted crop development, severe storms damaged crops in several counties over the weekend. Wheat harvest is now in full swing. Thirty-three percent of the crop has been harvested, ahead of four percent from last year and behind the five-year average of 39 percent.

Montana: After a wet spring, Montana crops have been stressed by recent heat and winds. Winter wheat, along with the rest of the small grains, remains behind last year’s progress and the five-year average. Thirty-nine percent of winter wheat has turned and the crop is rated mostly good to fair.

Wyoming: Recent warmer temperatures have aided crop development; however, most crops still lag behind the five-year average. The Wyoming winter wheat crop is now 99 percent headed, 89 percent turned color and four percent mature. The crop is rated mostly good to fair.

Oklahoma: Seventy-six percent of wheat ground has been plowed. This is 11 points ahead of normal.

Texas: The Texas winter wheat harvest is now 100 percent complete.

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