All Aboard Harvest | Jada: Leaving Limon
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Jada: Leaving Limon

Last night we finished up with harvest in the Limon/ Genoa area. Since it was a bit sooner than anticipated, I am sad our run is already over in Colorado.

We also thought there would be a break between our jobs in South Dakota and Limon, but this is not the case. Work in Midland had us rushing to get loaded and on the road. It feels like a normal harvest having to rush somewhere!

Most of the crew and the equipment moved today. I however stayed in Limon and plan to hit the road tomorrow with my parents. They headed to Colorado to help us move back to South Dakota. Having them join us on the harvest trail is great! They were also happy to visit will old friends and of course, see Kaidence. They said she’s changed since May 13, when they last saw her.

Here are some photos of our last day harvesting in Colorado.
Leon leads the guys through the field

Leon leads the guys through the field.

Combines cutting away from me.

The combines cut away from me with a new sight in the Limon skyline- wind turbines. A wind farm was built in the Limon area. …. Around 130 (don’t quote me on this number) stand north of town.

Kaidence hangs out with Mikaela Taylor.

Kaidence and I hang out with Limon friends Mikaela Taylor and Lindsey Blackwelder (not pictured). We visited their farm in Karval and saw a pigs, cats, goats, and cows. Kaidence was in heaven!

A rare moment. Everyone helps load the camper. James takes blocks to the pickup.

A rare moment. Everyone helps load the camper. James takes blocks to the pickup. We like to keep a lot of blocks on hand- not just for the jacks but also for leveling the camper and blocking tires so they don’t roll. You never know what size you’ll need.

Oak and Roly load our beloved grill

Oak and Roly load our beloved grill which travels on the Ford.

Moses carries a load to the pickup

Moses carries a load to the pickup.

What I am digging today…. Limon’s windfarm. I must say I am an advocate for wind energy. Why not harvest this free resource!?

Limons new windfarm

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  • Tracy
    Posted at 10:02h, 20 July

    Geesh….we get here and you leave. And we didn’t even get to see you – or your folks! Safe travels and good luck up the road!!!

    Posted at 14:12h, 20 July

    Hi we really enjoy hearing about your travels through the states especially as you have Andy(oak) helping this year.He will be 21 on 25/7 so maybe as he cant be here with us(the parents) on that day you could give him a really big burger for dinner.good luck with the rest of the harvest and say happy birthday to Andy for us,many thanks Hilary and Duncan

  • duncan simpson
    Posted at 14:53h, 20 July

    oops did i put 21 should be 25/7