Emma: Sioux Empire Fair Extravaganza

A few days off at the right time of the year is not without perks. We moved a few loads from Gregory, S.D., and then stayed a couple of days in the Sioux Falls area. The Sioux Empire Fair was going on while we were there and I welcomed the opportunity to check it out with open arms. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had been to a fair. For us, summer is not vacation time, but this year everything fell into place for a well deserved break.


Friday night I was as happy as a cat with cream, because I got to see Hinder. For those of you that don’t know who this is, they are one of the greatest (newer) rock bands out there today. I’m definitely a country girl, but I have a little twist of rock in me, too. I loved seeing them, and the best part about it – free admission.
This is me, Keva, and Christoph rockin’ out to Hinder!

Keva is Glen’s daughter. The house we’re staying in while in Gregory is Glen’s. She made a trip with us south last year with a load to our house, and she joined us again this year. She has a great personality, and sense of humor, and we love having her around.

Christoph is from Germany, and he doesn’t hear much country music. These two guys were a lot of fun and played old time country music. They call themselves “Deputy Boots” (on the right) and “Sheriff Britches” (on the left). Christoph was really enjoying himself and said he liked the music. These two played “North to Alaska,” and “Devil Woman.” I have to say I enjoyed it.
(L to R) Brad (I’ll tell you about him later), Thad, Joel, and Dan enjoying the show. I thought the camper was hilarious, but I can’t imagine going up and down the roads in that ol’ thing. I’m glad the times have changed, but it was very neat to see.

On Sunday Keva, Christoph and I enjoyed the rides. I rode a few, but I found out quickly that I’m not 13 anymore – I got a little motion sick.

Keva and Christoph having fun.

Priceless. I’m so lucky to have caught this picture because it makes me laugh. I think they both had a fantastic time. It was probably more fun to watch them go around and around screaming than to actually ride.

Be safe and God bless!

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