Jada: Phone Photos for a fast day full of “gopher” duties

Today was a day full of gopher duties. I can honestly say, “Where did the day go?!” I love days where you can say that. The day was filled with many errands including moving the crew trailer to Regent. A watermain break the day we moved to Regent left us without a camping spot in Regent so we had to park in New England. Camping spaces opened up in Regent which is closer to our fields so we moved the crew trailer. We left my camper in New England because the plan was to take my camper directly to Bismark to get some warranty work done tomorrow.

Plans quickly changed as I was preparing to turn into town. My brake assembly broke and my back passenger wheel locked up. Instead, tomorrow morning will be dedicated to getting my pickup fixed. When you have a limited amount of vehicles- in our case two- that you rely upon daily, a break down is not at all welcome. Here are a few phone photos I snapped when I was in the field for a short while.

The guys stop to get their supper.

The combiners stop to get their supper. Since we have been here the weather has stayed in the 80’s. I thought I would take advantage of the cooler weather and serve ice-cream for dessert…. It was a bad call because today got up to 100 degrees and made for a melting mess. Maybe I should serve ice-cream for the remainder of the week to help ripen the wheat?!

Cutting canola.

We continue to cut canola and wait for the wheat to ripen. The warm weather helped us have a longer day in the field. For the first time we have been here, we worked quite awhile past sunset.

Here are some photos of our last day in Bowdle. The funky clouds made it fun to take photos.

Wheat is the forefront for all wheaties

Wheat is the forefront for all wheaties.

Combine number 4 prepares to dump

Combine number 4 prepares to dump.

Johan comes to dump Oak on the go.

Johan comes to dump Oak on the go.

A picture perfect moment.

A picture perfect moment.

I am clueless to where that cloud ends.

I am clueless as to where this cloud ended.

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