Emma: Family Time and Family Heirlooms

While we’re in the Sioux Falls area, my Dad’s side of the family decided to get together and have a sort-of reunion last Saturday. My family originated near the Watertown, S.D., area before we moved to Elk City, Okla. so most of his side lives there.

The drive was a couple hours and well worth it. It was great to see the family and catch up. We normally spend Thanksgiving together, but it was nice to see them so early in the year. Since it was close to Mom’s birthday we gave her a second birthday party. She was very surprised and thankful everyone put so much thought into it.
Going from L to R (kind-of around the circle) Aunt Sonja right in middle on the bottom with the blue shirt. To her left is her son Lee, Verena, Dan (who’s hiding), Grandma Alda,  Joel, Thad, Julie, Mom, Uncle Steve, Christoph who’s standing, back to cousin Chris, cousin-in-law Michelle, cousin Jamie, Uncle Bruce, Aunt Rita with Sara, Brad, David, Alexander, and cousin Melissa. WHEW! I think I got everyone in the picture, but we were, however, missing a few including Dave and his son Andy with girlfriend Maggie, and Keva was around there somewhere too. I don’t want to forget anyone.

We have more family, but it was too far for them to come. We missed them.

We spent the afternoon talking and telling stories, and of course you had to have food. There were munchies all over the place. We all went to the Pizza Ranch and ate supper before everybody departed. We went back to the house, built a fire and enjoyed more munchies. It was a great time, and so nice to see them all again.

My brother Dan had the opportunity to go with my cousin Chris up near where we used to live in South Dakota. They had heard of a tractor that was for sale, and called around and asked about it. This Tractor belonged to my Dad’s parents, Don and Alda. It is a John Deere 50 tractor that was bought brand new. They traded it off for a 520. Yeas later it was bought by someone in Revillo, S.D., and they have owned it since then.

Dad had known they owned it and had been trying to buy it since the late 80’s. Dan, Joel, Thad, Christoph and Chris went up to look at it. They purchased it, loaded it up and hauled the old girl home. I think Dad would be proud. This is definitely a family heirloom and we’re glad she’s home.

Dan, Mom and I with Dad’s JD 50 tractor.

Dan and Thad unloading it from the trailer.




It’s amazing to sit in the drivers seat where my Dad once sat. It makes me feel really small. Dad would have been so proud to bring this little tractor home, and I wish he could see it. I know that he does though, and that makes me smile.

Be safe and God bless!

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