Emma: An Odd Year All Around

Normally at this time in the year we’re heading north to Rolla, North Dakota where wildlife outnumber people – and it’s rare you don’t see a moose. I already miss going. I can only pray that next year the farmers there will get a break from the rain and get their crops into the ground.

I always enjoy being there not only for the wildlife, but the countryside, and the weather. It is different than what we see in Oklahoma with lush rolling hills and coolies. Coolies are low areas with water year round, and cat-tails. Although the weather in the area is nice, it isn’t necessarily convenient combining weather and every year we run into the same problem. When it rains, it rains for a week.I’m not quite sure why I like this weather so much, I suppose you can attribute it to a change from what we’ve been in all summer, and the approach of fall.

Even with the changes the storms have yet to cease. The other night we had to rush to the basement because of a tornado warning, because a camper is not the place to be when trying out to ride out a storm. We took our precautions and thankfully all was well and in tact.

We are still busy around the Sioux Falls, South Dakota area fixing odds and ends on a few combines and building fence. We are parked at the Dave and Julie Price farm and they have a few odds and ends of their own to work on, so we’re helping them out and doing what we can.

It may have been an odd year, but one I have enjoyed. I love being on the farm with the cattle and a 4-wheeler and working on something other than a combine. The company is great too. I’ve known Dave and Julie, and their son Andy practically my whole life, and it’s nice to see familiar faces.

We’ll be in this area until the fall harvest comes around and it will be the longest we’ve been in one spot since leaving home.

I did get some awesome pictures of the storm, and building fence.




Dan and Christoph coming to help Thad, and neighbor Joe. They’re digging holes after putting a guide line down so the fence will be straight.
Joel and Andy dig out the excess dirt and put the posts in, making sure they’re all the right height.
Andy putting the posts in the ground. (He throws them around like a toy! Haha!)

Christoph taking a break from the hard work and heat.

Be safe and God bless.

Emma can be reached at emma@allaboardharvest.com. All Aboard 2011 is sponsored by High Plains Journal and DuPont Crop Protection.

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