Thank You: 2011 Wheat Harvest Wrap-Up

After months of unpredictable weather, including everything from drought conditions in the south to extreme temperatures in the plains and the always unpredictable hail and rain, 2011 has truly been an exciting and noteworthy wheat harvest.

All of us at DuPont Crop Protection would like to thank everyone who made the 2011 All Aboard Wheat Harvest Tour possible, especially our hard-working correspondents and guest correspondents working to bring in the wheat and the High Plains Journal team.

From wheat and weather conditions, adventures and celebrations to their daily harvest challenges and successes, Jada, Emma, Jenna, Megan and Scott did a great job of keeping us up to date on the busy lives of wheat harvest crews who are working to feed the world.

We’d also like to thank our loyal followers who have trekked through this year’s harvest with us and continue to support America’s wheat industry.

With a successful harvest behind us, it’s time for our teams to make their way home and get ready for next season. Thanks for a great harvest and please keep it safe.

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