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Jada: Where have all the good jobs gone?

Yesterday was not the day to cut. We tried throughout the day and after suppertime the moisture was still too high. I think we realized this would be the case, but time was spent looking for work to do.

You know it has rained for too long when you get to the point that there really aren’t any odds and ends jobs except washing random things like the campers, replenishing the service trucks demand for paper towels and strategically cutting up watermelon. That is when you know it needs to quit raining.  Everyone is asking where all the good jobs have gone.

Kids have it much easier. Colston Debock of Debock Harvesting and Kaidence have been playing and enjoying life. They are oblivious to the boredom around the campground because they actually aren’t bored. The adults are a little less patient with our circumstances. We are sure we will be able to get in the field later today it is just when it will be.

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