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Jada: A parts run to Munday, Tex.

The other day I had to go on a parts run to Munday, Texas to the John Deere Harvest Works trailer because a header broke down. The reel lift cylinder needed to be replaced. It seems like we’ve had our share of breakdowns thus far this year. I hope this doesn’t become a habit. : ) While I am not happy we were broke down, I think it is interesting to see the combine get fixed. This is probably the case because my mechanical skills are not all that wonderful. Thankfully Leon and several others on the crew know what to do. Here are some photos of Leon and Jonny in action.

Oops that does not look good

Oops that doesn’t look good. Sometimes the process of fixing things looks worse than the actual break-down.

Jonny prepares the part to fix the header

Jonny holds the part that is the answer to our prayers to get our combine back in the field.

Leon fixes the header

Leon works on replacing reel lift cylinder on the header with Jonny’s help.

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