Emma: My Cousin Lee Joins the Circus Momentarily

My cousin Lee is no stranger to the All Aboard blog. He has joined us again for a short while. He took a week off work to help us, but the week has come and gone and he’ll be going back to Minnesota. I am going to miss him around here, which I’m sure he will just love to hear. I think what I’ll miss most is all the little ones running around calling him Old Man to get his attention—and he isn’t exactly an old man, it’s just funny.

Lee's leaving
Lee getting ready to go home.

Saying goodbye to Lee
(L to R) Lee, Momma, Vincent, Dan and August

The girls saying goodbye to Lee
The girls Elizabeth, Martha and Lauren all saying goodbye to Lee 🙂

August and Lee
Tightening up the last few belts on his load home.

August and his personality!

Thanks for all of your help Lee. Come back again soon!

Be safe and God bless!

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