Emma: Family Ties

This past week, we’ve had a full house – busting at the seams full. My sister Katie and her family from Kansas came down to visit, as well as my sister Marie and her family from North Dakota. It’s always nice to have them come around and catch up on all of the family stories. The Misener’s are known for our reminiscing and it’s rare we don’t have a story for everything!

I don’t know how Mom does it. Every morning she gets up to fix breakfast for this group, and usually cracks around three dozen eggs, puts three pounds of bacon in the oven, makes a gallon of grits or mush, and toasts two loaves of bread. Of course, we can’t forget the twenty-four cups of coffee—and that’s just breakfast. Dinner is soon to follow.

The kids have been enjoying the rides in the combine, and we’ve been happy to have them. They’re really good at taking turns. We ride around the field and look for animals, or just sit fascinated by the spinning reel and unloading on the go.

Full Combine Cab!
(L to R) Sarina, Me, Katie, Tim and Evie all riding in the combine at once! It was a tight fit!

Evie and I Snugglin' in the Cab
Evie and I snugglin’ in the combine!

Evie and her water jug
Evie taking a drink from the water jug. It made me laugh 🙂

Sarina enjoying the ride
Sarina chillin’ on the floor of the combine, making rounds smiling!

Now that we’re coming to a close around the Elk City area, working in the shop is next on the agenda until we head north.

Be safe and God bless!

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