Jada: A visit from friends at High Plains Journal

Today we had a fun visit with High Plains Journal Staff: Pete, Diana, Kayleen, and Darren as they joined us in the field for awhile. It was fun to see the faces of some of the staff that works behind the scenes and give them a tour of our field activities for the day. Here are some photos of our fun in the field.

A visit from High Plains Journal folks Pete Diana Bux Darren Kayleen and Oak

Bux, Oak and I enjoy a visit from staff at High Plains Journal. L to R: Pete, Diana, Bux, Darrin, Kylene and Oak.

Darren rides with Callum

Darrin and Callum chat in the combine.

Pete rides with James

Pete took a ride with James today.

I sneak of photo of Kayleen taking photos

I sneak a quick photo of Kylene as she snaps photos in the field.
Goodies from the Journal

We got spoiled today from the Journal with goodies. They gave us a cooler with ice-cream treats in it, nice hats, colorful knives and gloves to keep everyone’s hands clean. The guys enjoyed the treats. They said they came at the “perfect time”. Who doesn’t enjoy a treat now and again!? Thanks for the visit and the treats!

All Aboard Harvest is sponsored by High Plains Journal and Syngenta. Jada Bulgin can be reached at jada@allaboardharvest.com.

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