Jada: Come on join our convoy to Colby

Today Hoffman Harvesting made the move from Pratt, Kan. to Colby, Kan. It wasn’t the best day for a move with the high winds but thankfully it was an uneventful move- the kind we like! The only complaints we have are stiff arms from trying to keep our convoy on the road.

Upon arriving to Colby, we thought we’d be able to get our headers in the wheat and go but it just wasn’t quite ready. Moisture was at 14.4%- we need it to be at 13.5%. If we were able to cut, we wouldn’t have been able to get much of a day in as the elevator we are going to haul to was closed. I guess they are enjoying their lull before harvest gets in full swing in the Colby area. Our campground, which is usually full of harvesters is also looking a little bare. I suspect it will fill up quickly.

Fun Fact: We usually celebrate the 4th of July at this stop. Firework stands have yet to even open yet, let alone us celebrating Independence Day here.

Loaded and ready to leave Pratt

Loaded and ready to leave Pratt after 11 days of harvest there.

The closest we get to the beach is the Oasis in Colby

The closest we get to a beach and palm trees on our harvest is the Oasis Truck Stop in Colby. Too bad we couldn’t have been in the field, the sky would have made the perfect back-drop to our equipment in the field.

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