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Z Crew: Sitting.

Deerfield, KS – The Zeorian Crew has been sitting idle since June 2nd. After finishing in Shattuck, Okla, we moved up to Kansas and the wheat is still looking pretty green.

Due to poor dry land wheat that our farmer is currently cutting with his own combine, he decided to have us cut the irrigated wheat. The irrigated wheat is still green, therefore we’ve been enjoying some family time. (cough, cough)

While Dad’s been out talking to farmers, implements, and people he meets in town to find work, us girls have had a harder time trying to keep ourselves busy. From visiting the Garden City Zoo to wandering around Walmart, we’re about ready to lose our minds. Callie, Mom and I visited the local zoo on Monday with a fellow harvester’s wife and their two young boys. It was hysterical watching Brooks wave to all of the animals!

Since we haven’t had any luck finding more work, we plan on waiting for the wheat here to ripen (could be ready in 3 days),so we can cut it and head out to Colorado. The wheat to the West is looking to be ready in ten days to two weeks!

Z Crew callie and bird

Garden City Zoo: Callie photographing the wildlife.

Z Crew Zoo

Garden City Zoo: Mom and baby Giraffes 

Z Crew alpacas

Garden City Zoo: Brody (4) and Brooks (almost 2yrs) loved the alpacas.

Z Crew Sky 1

Last night a storm rolled past and missed us by a mere mile.

Z Crew Sky 2

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