Z Crew: Field Visit and a Clean-up Day

Deerfield, KS – Guess what, guess what?! We had company yesterday! Darrin and Leanna from High Plains Journal stopped by for their field visit with us. It was nice to spend time with some new people and get to know them. That made for some excitement in the day.

Also, yesterday we finished cutting here in Kansas. Double excitement, that’s for sure. I don’t know about anybody else around here, but I’m ready to get out of here. Maybe it was all the sitting we did that makes me want a change in scenery.

Since we’re going to try and leave for Colorado tomorrow, we had to clean out the left over straw from the header and blow off the combine. That’s a pretty dirty job, that’s for a sure. After cleaning the header and combine, we had to load the Freightliner with all of our stuff that we lug around with us. We stopped for a lunch break and then loaded the header onto the header trailer. Hopefully we can leave pretty early in the morning to make the first trip to Colorado!

Z Crew mom and Darrin

Darrin from HPJ and Mom talk about our adventures.

Z Crew moisture check

Leanna and Dad check the moisture in the truck to make sure the wheat isn’t too green.

Z Crew Leanna and Darrin

(Left to right: Callie, Taylor, Leanna, Darrin)
The Z Crew really enjoyed some company for the afternoon!  Thanks for visiting with us!

Z Crew time to clean

Time to get down and dirty. (and DUSTY!)

Z Crew Callies thumbs up

Luckily, we had a nice day to get dusty and dirty! Callie loved it!

Z Crew under the header

Cleaning off the combine is a family effort.

Z Crew taylor and leaf blower

Taylor prefers to use the leaf blower to clean off the combine. It’s fast!

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