Jada: Hoffman Harvesting continues cutting in Limon

Hoffman Harvesting continues to cut in Colorado. This evening we finished harvesting North of Limon just in the nick of time- a hard rain struck the area. Fortunately, it didn’t travel to where we were cutting East of Limon. We have approximately a half days work before we will finish up our wheat harvest there.

Our next move will be to Gettysburg, South Dakota to harvest winter wheat. The area is finally heating up which will help ripen the crop up quickly. We are thinking it may be ready in about a week. In the meantime, we’ll wrap up our harvest here and get ready to head back to headquarters- Bowdle, SD. Here are a couple pictures of us cutting North of Limon.

More construction of wind turbines

Wind is all around us. In our campground (our neighbors) and by the fields we cut. Here is a new construction site located by our field.

If you look to the right you can see place saved for another turbine to grace this field

Johnny cuts towards me with the new construction site in the background. If you look to the right you’ll see space zoned for another turbine to be constructed. 

Shopping at Sams

All in a days work. This is what it looks like when the cooks go to Sam’s Club to stock up on a “few” supplies.

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