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Z Crew: Quick Update, Hitting the Road!

Limon, CO – After the update of the Fourth of July, us girls (Jenna, Taylor and Callie) were able to talk at least Mom into a trip to the mountains. Dad stayed back in Limon to do some cleaning, oil changing, greasing and road prep because we are headed to Montana today!

Our Girl’s Trip to the Mountains was short-lived, but a lot of fun. Friday evening, a rain storm forced us to change our tent camping plans to sleeping-in-the-mini-van plans. That in itself was quite the adventure. We woke up Saturday to drive through Aspen and then make our way to the foot of the Maroon Bells Mountains. A four mile hike in cowboy boots and flip flops was not a very good idea to say the least. We headed back to Limon after the hike and made a few random stops along the way. Did you know Doc Holliday is buried somewhere atop of a mountain in Glenwood Springs? We sure didn’t, and Jenna (being a Tombstone fan) was pretty excited for all of us to make an short, quick hike to search for the grave.

We arrived home late Saturday night and Sunday was spent saying goodbye to Jenna as she headed home, cleaning vehicles and loading up the back of the Freightliner for today’s move. This trip to Montana is the biggest move of the year at about 700 miles one way…and we make the trip twice. We’re praying everything makes the move smoothly and we’ll update again when we get the chance!

Z Crew taylor and callie

Callie and Taylor excited for the mountain vacation.

Z Crew sleeping in van

Callie and Jenna relax in our temporary mini van bed. Yes, that’s where we slept!

Z Crew Maroon Bells

The Maroon Bells –  Named “Maroon” for their color, “Bells” for their shape.

Z Crew hike 2

Hiking up to Crater Lake!

Z Crew flip flops

Lack of preparation – flip flops were a bad choice.

Z Crew hike

Almost finished with the hike to the lake!

Z Crew Crater Lake

Crater Lake – finally reached our destination an hour later.

Z Crew end of hike

The view made the entire hike worth it! 

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