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Jada: Faulkton harvest commences

Two days ago we were able to commence our wheat harvest in Faulkton, SD. Prior to moving to Faulkton, one of our combines helped harvest in Gettysburg. Only one combine was needed as our farmers didn’t have much wheat seeded this year and they have two of their own combines. The winter wheat averaged in the 90’s making our farmers wish they had seeded more especially since the fall crops are dry and badly needing moisture.

Another combine was harvesting Spring wheat in the Eureka, SD area. The yields were in the 50’s but a good rain halted activity there. The rest of our combines are currently cutting Spring wheat which is averaging in the 50’s with 13.5 protein and the moisture is ranging from 11 to 14.5%. The wheat is good quality and appears to be better than it is yielding. No doubt another result of the drought.

Here  are some photos of us in the field in Faulkton.
It feels good to be back at it

It feels good to be back at it.

What did we do before cell phones the bossman line up part

The bossman in his mobile office lining up parts.

Playing follow the leader with our GPS

The wheat in Faulkton is good quality.

Montana and Kaidence hang out

A break down allows time for a photo op with Montana while Leon lines up parts.

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