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Z Crew: Another Summer Finished

Louisville, NE – To say that the past couple of days have been crazy, is an understatement. On Thursday, we had to make a trip to Great Falls because Jenna was flying in. Jenna flew in so that she could make the trip back home with Taylor and I, since Mom and Dad didn’t want us making the 1100-mile trip alone. We went home simply because school is starting on Thursday.

Like I said, we had to make a trip to Great Falls on Thursday to pick Jenna up from the airport. She spent Friday with us, and then we all headed home on Saturday. However, Friday was the last day of summer wheat harvest for Taylor and I, so we knew we had to make it the best we could. Jenna, Taylor, and I packed up a picnic lunch and headed for a place called Crystal Lake, about 30 miles outside of Lewistown. We were surprised to find that this place was similar to a mountain lake. It was beautiful there, and we had the place to ourselves. It felt like we had taken a day trip to the mountains, instead of just driving 30 miles outside of Lewistown. We even saw a baby black bear, which was pretty exciting. After the lake, we headed to the field to hang out with Mom and Dad for the last time, however, when we got there, we discovered that they had finished up! So, we all went into Denton and had supper at the café with our family friends. Other than not being able to spend time in the field, the day was an excellent last day of wheat harvest.

On Saturday morning, Jenna, Taylor, and I all loaded up and started the trek back home. We were sad, and we didn’t want to leave. We knew that when we arrived home, “real life” would begin again, as well as school. It’s not easy getting back into a set routine, let alone, getting settled back into a normal house.  Every year it doesn’t seem to get easier. You still arrive home in this funky mood. So for now, we’ll just work on getting ready for school and getting used to being at home.

Mom and Dad actually found more work… but this work is back in Jordan, MT. So, they’ve made the trip back to Jordan and will get back to work soon.

Another wheat harvest gone, but yet so many memories gained. Harvesting is a way of life that we wouldn’t trade for the world, something that not everyone gets to experience. That, my friends, is why we would like to thank you, the readers, so much for following along with us for the past couple of years. It’s because of your want to see inside our way of life, that this has all happened. We’d like to thank High Plains Journal and Syngenta, as well as the other contributing sponsors for making this all work. Last but not least, the people who work hard to put the entire production together. This was a wonderful experience.

The work that we put into this job just goes to show how much we love it. The wheat fields, traveling, dirty clothes, early mornings, and late nights. If we didn’t like it, I don’t think any of us would do it. We do like it, though. It’s a job unlike any other. A job that sometimes goes unnoticed. This blog has shown many people just how important this part of the agricultural industry is. And for that, we thank you, the readers, for making us part of your lives this summer.

Z Crew - Boy Band at GF

The three amigos, reunited in Great Falls and it feels so good. Jenna wanted to pose like a ‘boy band’.

Z Crew - Great Falls

Mom and Jenna enjoying the sights of Great Falls, MT.

Z Crew - Square Butte

Lewistown, MT was a beautiful harvest stop. The view of Square Butte from the fields of Denton was stunning.

Z Crew - Picnic in MT

What was thought to be a quick picnic turned out to be a great adventure!

Z Crew - Mountain Sisters

Z Crew - Boy Band in Wheat

Jenna took a few Senior Pictures for Taylor and decided to take a break for another ‘boy band’ pose.

Z Crew - Crew Pic 2

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for joining us for another summer.

Z Crew - Crew Pic

Love, the Z Crew.

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