Thank You For Another Great Year

The 2012 wheat harvest has been an exciting and noteworthy harvest. Combines were rolling in the fields as early as May 8, and activity that early was unprecedented.

All of us at High Plains Journal and Syngenta would like to thank everyone who made the 2012 All Aboard Wheat Harvest possible. We would like to thank our hard-working correspondents for their efforts to give us the latest reports direct from the field. We had a talented group of women out in the field telling the story of wheat harvest.

Jada, Emma, Taylor, Callie, Megan and Stephanie did an outstanding job keeping us up to date on the progress of harvest, and kept us informed and entertained throughout the summer.

Thank you to all of our loyal followers, contributing sponsors, and all who make up the All Aboard Wheat Harvest community. Your support is appreciated.

Our correspondents are now heading home, or starting school, and some are beginning the fall harvest.

Thanks again for a great wheat harvest, and we’ll see you next year.

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