The Z Crew: Harvest 2013

Flashback to April 20, 2013. Here in Nebraska we were still dealing with 37 degrees (and lower) temps. Today, as I sit here and write this, the screen door is open and I can walk out of the house without a winter coat on. FINALLY spring is in the air. Who knows how long we’ll enjoy 70 to 80 degree weather before we jump into the 90s and 100s, summer is right around the corner.  You’re all aware of this, though. We live in the Midwest so what else can we expect? It comes with the territory.

As most know, the Z Crew has been around a long time, though we haven’t always gone by that name. Mom’s (Tracy) grandparents were custom harvesters. That’s actually how Mom and Dad (Jim) met. Dad was a hired man for them! It’s a great love story. From that love story comes four lovely daughters: Jamie (27), Jenna (25), Taylor (18) and Callie (15).

Jamie has been married for two years to Curt Hermesch. Maybe some of you know Dave Hermesch? Yeah, that’s Curt’s uncle. Small world, huh? April 10, 2013 Jamie and Curt welcomed their son Eli into the world! He is now officially the most spoiled baby on the face of the planet (with three very pretty, single aunts). Jamie and Curt remain at home in Nebraska during the summer, but we’re hoping they’re not strangers while we’re on harvest. I know Grandpa and Grandma Z would love to have them visit!

Jenna, who pioneered the All Aboard Harvest wheat trail, is now employed by Claas out of Omaha. She’s a busy lady! In the last few months she’s been to Florida, California, Kansas and is currently in Europe.

I’m Taylor Zeorian (daughter #3, Tater Bug, Deet), head chef and house maid for the Z Crew. As of May 11th I will be a high school graduate. FINALLY! And no, I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Therefore, I will be taking some general education classes at the local community college come fall to hopefully gain a more defined life path and save money.

Callie is a soon-to-be sophomore. Involved in choir, band, basketball and student council she stays busy with activities and her homework. Callie and I will be on our own again this summer to act as the main support team for the Z Crew.

Once again, the summer looks like it will be full of uncertainty. Within the last week, we’ve become aware of the terrible frost damage in the south. Along with the frost, we have another summer full of drought to fight. The months ahead are already looking like they’ll be putting up a fight. The Z Crew will be headed up and moving out shortly, and ready to fight back.

The Zeorian Family

The Zeorian Family. (left to right) Taylor, Jamie and Curt, Tracy, Jim, Callie, Jenna


The newest addition to the Z Crew.

The newest addition to the Z Crew. Baby Eli.

The Z Crew can be reached at All Aboard Wheat Harvest™ is sponsored by High Plains Journal and Syngenta.

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