Emma: No surprise, it’s unpredictable


The lifestyle of a custom harvester is unpredictable. If we did have plans they would be filled with chaos. Our way of life all depends on the weather, much like farmers. We battle drought, floods, freezes, and hail. You never know what you are going to get. A strong faith-filled life is important to get through the tough times.

This year the wheat crop is less than acceptable. The late freezes in Oklahoma, regions of Texas, Kansas and Colorado have killed the wheat leaving nothing to harvest. Here at home, near Elk City, Okla., around 90 percent of wheat acres have either been tilled under, or cut for hay to be fed to cattle. The remaining 10 percent is still green and may only average around five bushels per acre. Our farmers will harvest that wheat for seed to plant next year’s crop. This year’s crop is not promising, so we have been spending part of our time putting up business cards in different areas of the state hoping to find work.


Be safe and God bless!

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